We offer the following consultancy services:


  1. GENERAL ADVICE & GUIDANCE SERVICES - This service is primarily aimed at aircraft owners, operators, airworthiness professionals, and regulated airworthiness organisations. It involves the provision of general advice and guidance on all airworthiness related matters including aircraft design and production, aircraft import and export, and aircraft continuing airworthiness management and maintenance.
  1. INDEPENDENT & CONSTRUCTIVE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AUDIT - This service is primarily aimed at Part CAMO, Part 21, Part 145, and Part 147 approved organisations, or those seeking initial approval. It involves the completion a comprehensive audit of our client's facilities and processes in order to assess their compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, and to provide constructive recommendations to address shortfalls and non-compliance. It is a particularly beneficial way to prepare for regulatory inspections and audits.
  1. DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT OF A LEAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - This service is primarily aimed at Part CAMO, Part 21, Part 145, and Part 147 organisations. It involves the use of LEAN management principles to streamline our client's processes by eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, maximising resources, and improving bottom line.
  1. PRODUCTION OF TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION - This service is primarily aimed at Part CAMO, Part 21, 145, and 147 organisations seeking initial regulatory approval, or those looking to apply for additional approvals. It involves the production of technical manuals, handbooks, expositions, forms, and other documents which are required by airworthiness regulations and implementing rules, or for other operational reasons.
  1. AIRCRAFT INSPECTION & DOCUMENTATION AUDIT - This service is primarily aimed at aircraft lessors who are looking to assess the airworthiness and general condition of their aircraft while it is on lease, or at the end of a lease period. It is also beneficial to individuals and organisations that are looking to assess the airworthiness and general condition of a used aircraft prior to purchase. It involves a thorough physical survey of the aircraft, and a comprehensive audit of its documentation and technical records, in order to determine whether it meets both regulatory and client requirements.
  1. TECHNICAL RESEARCH SERVICES - This service is primarily aimed at airworthiness organisations, regulatory authorities, and government departments. It involves the comprehensive and systematic investigation of practical issues or phenomenon with airworthiness implications, using qualitative and/or quantitative research methods and techniques. 
  1. ALL of our consultants are registered with the UK Engineering Council i.e. the UK’s regulatory body for Engineering Professionals.
  2. We don’t offer generic solutions; all of our consultancy services are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients.
  3. We guaranty deliverables from the start of each project or service.
  4. We always utilise proven strategies, techniques, and best practices across our consultancy services.
  5. We offer the best combination of quality and affordability across the industry.
  6. We inspire performance, promote efficient practices, and facilitate regulatory compliance.


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